About The Sample

The Sample is a newsletter discovery service launched in February 2021 by myself (Jacob O'Bryant, sitting below) and my brother Marshall. It is mildly profitable, if you value our time at $0. See How The Sample drives thousands of newsletter subscriptions for more details about the business. If you have a newsletter, submit it here.

The bull-case, somewhat technical explanation is that we're trying to build a recommendation system that is decoupled from any particular publishing or reading tool, in the same way that Google as a search engine doesn't care what tools you use to build your website or what web browser you use to search with. As Google is to HTTP, we'd like The Sample to be to SMTP.

Tools for Online Speech is a weekly newsletter I've started writing. It grew out of the weekly "publisher reports" that I've been sending for the past year to newsletter writers who have joined The Sample. It is an attempt to build a community around the bigger-picture goals behind The Sample. You should subscribe.

Contact us: hello@thesample.ai