Tools for Online Speech
Join the movement. Help us build a better information environment.
13 Jun 2022
We need better tools for online speech
We can improve the information environment by thoughtfully designing, building, and distributing better tools for online speech.
2 Nov 2021
How The Sample drives thousands of newsletter subscriptions
Last month The Sample hit a big milestone: we've generated over 10,000 new subscriptions for other newsletters via our "subscribe in 1 click" links.
27 Jun 2022
Substack recommendations, paid acquisition, consulting
Big-ish announcement for people on Substack: you can now use Substack's recommendations feature to cross-promote with The Sample.
21 Jun 2022
The Sample updates for 20 June 2022
We made several small-but-important updates to The Sample last week.
11 Apr 2022
Now you can read your bookmarks with The Sample
The Sample is expanding into a read-it-later service.
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