Tools for Online Speech
Join the movement. Help us build a better information environment.
13 Jun 2022
We need better tools for online speech
We can improve the information environment by thoughtfully designing, building, and distributing better tools for online speech.
2 Nov 2021
How The Sample drives thousands of newsletter subscriptions
Last month The Sample hit a big milestone: we've generated over 10,000 new subscriptions for other newsletters via our "subscribe in 1 click" links.
8 Aug 2022
Flexible themes in Platypub
I spent most of my time last week making a large update to Platypub, my publishing platform. I overhauled the data model to make it extensible by themes.
1 Aug 2022
Newsletter directories, subscriber import integrations, and you
Updates from last week: - Finished merging the newsletter directory into The Sample. The publisher console now has a "Directory" tab, and as you can see I've added a "Directory" section to these emails. ...
25 Jul 2022
Some publisher console updates
Submitting newsletters to The Sample is now completely automatic! At least, it's automatic for me. I guess what I really mean is, people who submit their newsletter to The Sample now have to do the work instead of me.
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