27 Jun 2022
Substack recommendations, paid acquisition, consulting
Big-ish announcement for people on Substack: you can now use Substack's recommendations feature to cross-promote with The Sample.
21 Jun 2022
The Sample updates for 20 June 2022
We made several small-but-important updates to The Sample last week.
13 Jun 2022
We need better tools for online speech
We can improve the information environment by thoughtfully designing, building, and distributing better tools for online speech.
11 Apr 2022
Now you can read your bookmarks with The Sample
The Sample is expanding into a read-it-later service.
2 Nov 2021
How The Sample drives thousands of newsletter subscriptions
Last month The Sample hit a big milestone: we've generated over 10,000 new subscriptions for other newsletters via our "subscribe in 1 click" links.
4 Oct 2021
Why I changed my mind about advertising
I used to be very anti-advertising. Fast forward two years and several pivots, and my slightly-less-early-stage business is doing $900 per month in revenue... from ads.
29 Sep 2021
Curating the Curators
Should you let a machine help you decide what to read?
Tools for Online Speech
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